Stop Feeling Like Shit About Feeling Like Shit. 
No matter what you're going through. 

Download this free 33 page guidebook to learn the simple strategies that’ll give you the relief and strength to kick struggle's ass for good and live your most free and authentic life, on your terms.
A 10 Step Guide to Get You Through Any Struggle
A “struggle” isn’t something you have to struggle through.

There is a way to be real about it, to feel into it, and
to move through anything genuinely… without breaking into a million little pieces.

Reality check:



You can grow beyond where you are right now with JOY.

I did it. I know you can do it too.
This 10 Step Guide will Teach You:
• The skills and processes to break free from the false narratives and the artificial constructs of your past. Let’s burn it all down. Release all the “shoulds”.

• Techniques and practices that will help you awaken the REAL DEEP TRUTH that’s inside you. It’s been there all along. It’s just waiting to break free.

• Mindset shifts that will transform your pain and your struggles into conduits for kick-ass spiritual and personal growth, catalysts for authentic soul alignment, and firestarters for freedom to be the fullest expression of your truest self.

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Greetings, Wild One,

I’m Jenna.  

I’m a truth teller, a spiritual intuitive guide, and a mental health hacker. (Woo-Woo meets Ivy League graduate...what, what!)

I’m a teacher, a writer, a creator, and above all, I’m a human who deeply cares about other humans.

Welcome, love.

I’m so glad we found each other.

I have a gift for you, and if you want it, it’s yours.

I want you to know, you beautiful, precious creature, you, that I didn’t throw some random shit together in a Word doc just to get inside your inbox.

I wrote this guide from the very center of myself

because I desperately needed it.

I was in a place where I had to figure out how to re-wire my brain and in turn, create a safe space for me to feel everything I needed to feel… in comfort, in non-judgment, in peace and in self-love...

But my mind was consumed with thoughts like:

“Something’s wrong with you.”

“If you say what you’re really one will understand you.”

“You’re broken.” 

“There’s a glitch in your’re defective.”

“You’ll never get through this.”

These voices in my head were really all just fear.

Fear that grew out of a lifetime of conditioning.

And my very beautiful and very human brain was just trying to protect me…

Because behind every one of those voices was this message:

“Stay quiet. Stay small.

That's the only way to stay SAFE.”

But more and more: it felt like a lie. I didn’t want to believe it anymore.

I knew there had to be another way.

So I had to figure out how to create space to feel safe in order to break through the fear, pain, and struggle.

This is what I did.

This guidebook is a compilation of the actual steps, tactics and practices that helped me grow beyond my struggles and move through my pain with JOY.

It’s 33 pages of deeply transformative tools drawn from my studies in philosophy, psychology and neurology at Cornell University, and of what I’ve learned from healers of indigenous cultures around the world...broken down into easily digestible steps of what worked for me on my own personal journey of turning what felt like curses into blessings.

Account Manager
Going through struggles of any kind can be isolating and confusing. I know that for myself, I’m often my own worst enemy, not allowing myself to properly go through the motions of dealing with trauma and grief. Feeling the pull between my thoughts and my organic emotions. Jenna’s guide is chock-full of not only coping mechanisms, but reminders that not only are we entitled to FEEL, but we need to (for our own sake, and the sake of those who love us). She has the magic touch when it comes to humanizing experiences.
This is a very practical guide, full of resources and ideas to take action and move through whatever is stopping you, things that are at your reach and will allow you to move through the struggle. The "pep-talk" she gives at the beginning of the guidebook was extremely useful to me, it helped me have a more positive and grounded perspective when dealing with the struggle, having a much better mindset before delving into the different steps of the guidebook. Thank you for putting this together, Jenna!
You managed to summarize actionable ways to really move toward the light at the end of the dark struggle. I think that by having guidelines that give specific instruction on actually DOING something rather than just sitting and dwelling is something that people today really need to do. Personally, I've done so many of these things on my own to really get through a struggle and it helped me. This guidebook allows us to work through the struggle rather than letting the struggle control us and define us.
Jenna's teachings have helped me be more honest with myself and others. All these scary feelings I felt ashamed of for having are human? And it's okay to feel them all? WHAT? I've spent years repressing feelings, painful memories and emotions. It was a shameful existence and if I pretended they weren't there I was fine? No, not really.
Jenna was the first person who has truly helped me understand the value in allowing all that is. It's okay to be human and be honest with who you are and what you've experienced and have Love for it all.
Fear and pain have been running the show for long enough. Don’t let them steal this moment away from you. You’re here for a reason. It’s not a mistake.


(even if you're on the #strugglebus)

You are AMAZING and STRONG...struggle wouldn't have come knocking on your door if you weren't.

It is possible to create space for yourself to feel it all, safely.

You can grow beyond where you are right now with joy.

Grow Wild. Grow Free.  

Ready to kick struggle’s ASS?
Start here. From my heart to yours.

I love you. I honor you. I support you.
I am with you,